Two In the Bush
by Rana Eros

Treneka won the game of drabble requests with this one: "Tokitoh running into Ban on a street somewhere. I mean, he is trying to get something back, after all." What we have here is technically referred to as a prequel. The rest of the story may be a long time coming. Rune provided the perfect title

"Ban-chan!" Ginji calls behind him, and down the street he hears a distorted echo.


He turns his head, sees a kid reach out to grab the arm of a taller kid and pull him to a halt. His eyes focus on the kid's gloved hand; there's something about the shape that's not quite right. He rubs his own fingertips together, considering.

"Ban-chan." A hand touches his shoulder. "What are you looking at?"

Claws. That's what it is. The kid has claws. And his friend's holding a GetBackers flyer.


Ban turns back toward the car. "Let's go get lunch."


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