C Is For Cain
by Rana Eros

For veleda_k, for bidding in livelongnmarry, a community to benefit the movement for marriage equality in California. Title riffs (look, it was there and I'm not sorry) on Edward Gorey.

"Love is the strongest poison," his father would have said, and the man was deluded about many things to the very end, but possibly not about this one. Cain's worked with enough poisons to recognize one, and to know when it's a vital component in its own cure.

So he waits to see what Riff will do, Riff who hurt him, Riff who left him. He should strike, as he struck his father, but Riff's looking at him with devoted eyes. Riff's found him, come back to him.

Love is the strongest, he thinks, and throws himself into Riff's arms.


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