Stands For Comfort
by Rana Eros

For the 100_roadtrips challenge of "Food." Betaed by Eliza, and the talented ElfWithAttitude created fanart for it.

Ten-chan always has food for him. Ken-niichan makes a game of pretending to steal it from him, but even that fills something. He plays until he's tired, eats until he's full, then sprawls out on a convenient lap and drowses to the sound of happy voices and laughter.

Konzen's voice is not as happy, but it's still his favorite. It fills him too, when Konzen comes to take him back to their rooms and says his name.

"Time to go, Goku."

He pretends he's still asleep, and Konzen sighs and picks him up, cradles him close.

That's the most filling.


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