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Age Before (4K, OT5)
Jaejoong wants a celebration.

Allegro (5.5K, slash)
Practice makes perfect.

Also Cute and Fluffy (3.5K, slash)
Yoochun finds the bright side of their "Balloons" costumes.

And Eat It Too (3.5K, slash)
Junsu gets his birthday kisses.

Best Served Cold (4.5K, OT5)
Just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Breaking the Rules (8K, slash)
You have to know how to do it right.

Catch of the Day (6K, slash)
In which there is hair product, boykissing, and a beach.

Center of Attention (3K, threesome)
Changmin's efforts are rewarded. Sequel to Friends Like These.

Chef's Special (15K, slash)
"Someone's in the kitchen with Jaejoong."

City of Light (8.5K, OT5)
See how they shine.

Come On Strong (3.5K, slash)
Yunho doesn't take it easy on Jaejoong.

Dark Room (18K, slash)
Yunho fights overexposure.

Deep End (2K, OT5)
Junsu goes under.

Délicieux (3K, threesome)
Changmin can do cute.

Duet (3K, slash)
"It's taken practice."

Everywhere You Want to Be (5K, OT5)
The world is their home.

The Final Ingredient (17K, fivesome)
In which Jaejoong cooks, Yoochun flirts, Junsu watches the game, and Yunho helps Changmin find his place.

Finest Hours (8K, slash)
After the show, before the day starts.

Finest Hours (Did I Dream You Dreamed Remix) (7.5K, fivesome)
"Here I am, waiting to hold you."

Four Quarters Perfection (3.5K, OT5)
Jaejoong plays Pygmalion in his head.

Friends Like These (10K, slash)
In which Jaejoong and Yunho sleep, Yoochun broods, Junsu practices Japanese, and Changmin gets fed up and uses his powers for good.

Fringe Benefit (3K, slash)
Yoochun vs. Junsu's "Tri-Angle" wig.

Go the Spoils (7K, slash)
It's a hopeless battle, really.

Hat Check (3K, slash)
Changmin finds relief from the heat.

Heat Exchange (3K, slash)
Jaejoong and Yoochun seek warmth during the filming of "Hug."

How You Play the Game (5K, slash)
Junsu plays to win.

In Frame (12.5K, OT5)
They've come into focus.

Just Can't Miss (2K, slash)
"The happiness in your caress no rabbit's foot can bring."

Knocks Me Off My Feet (3K, OT5)
There's a science to taking care of an injured Yunho.

Langue d'Amour (4K, OT5)
"I will speak to you in heart-language (answer me with a note of love)."

Live Charge (11K, slash)
Another one of those performances.

Look Like a Dream (7K, slash)
Jaejoong decides to make Yunho's wardrobe function for him.

Lost in the Sound (5K, slash)
"I hear in my mind all of this music."

Love Bites (12K, slash)
It's totally not rabies.

Nesting (4K, OT5)
"Yoochun likes to clean."

No Destination (2K, slash)
Second in the Get Away multi-fandom drabble series. The boys could use a vacation.

No Secret (5K, slash)
Crossover with CSJH. What do you give a man who'll do anything?

Nobody's Baby (2K, slash)
Jaejoong realizes a thing or two.

Not a Lonely Man (8K, slash)
"Love's like a road you travel on."

One of Those Days? (7K, slash)
Crossover with CSJH. Yunho's injured. Everyone deals in his own way.

Perpetual (3K, OT5)
Music of the spheres.

Pony Up (7.5K, slash)
Changmin really doesn't have a choice about working with children or animals.

Retrospective (5K, OT5)
Five birthdays. One wish come true.

The Road to Okinawa, with angeladuca, Eliza, Jemz, and Mousapelli (9K, OT5)
One summer day through five pairs of eyes.

Savage Weapons (7K, slash)
"Where you're going, you're not coming back from."

Set the Story Straight (13K, OT5)
It's been five years coming.

Simmering (2K, gen)
A dark and stubborn god arises.

The Smiles Returning to the Faces (4K, OT5)
"Sun, sun, sun, here it comes."

Snow Is Glistening (7.5K, slash)
"Walking in a winter wonderland."

Social Dancing in 4-1 Time (5K, slash)
Jaejoong stumbles before finding his footing.

Sweeter Things (7K, fivesome)
Yoochun shares some U. S. traditions.

Take Me I'm Yours (5K, slash)
"Are you waiting for my move? Well, I'm making it."

'Til I Know I'm Home (2K, OT5)
"Accepting all I've done and said...."

Tired With Joy (4K, slash)
"If I just lay here, would you lie with me?"

Today's Catch (The Place You Are Remix) (11K, OT5)
Yoochun's there to see it. Among other things. A remix of "Catch of the Day."

Touched By An Angel (26K, slash)
Crossover with CSJH. It did, in fact, hurt when Yunho fell from heaven. Now with DVD commentary.

Vacation Coda: You're My Miracle (11K, OT5)
Jaejoong gets visitors while recovering.

The Warm Spot (5K, OT5)
Sequel to In Frame. Junsu cheats. Changmin is okay with this.

What You Wish For (7K, slash)
Yunho wakes up. He and Jaejoong both pay the price.

Where the Door Is Always Open (9K, fivesome)
After another move, the boys add some personal touches.

You Wear It So Well (13K, slash)
Yunho treats Jaejooong's sunburn during the filming of "Hi Ya Ya."

Your Sweet Heart (6K, slash)
"We can win, I'm sure."

Conjugal Conjugations
Grammatical Relativism (4K, threesome)
Yoochun is an independent clause.

Out of Context (4K, threesome)
Junsu has difficulty with pragmatics by proxy.

Elements of Photography

Test Shot (2K, OT5)
Changmin gains a new hobby.

Lens Flare (2K, OT5)
Light is key to a photographer.

Prismatic (2K, OT5)
They color his world.

Pantheon Stories
Pantheon is my fictitious South Korean band based on DBSK. They were created for Mousapelli's 2007 NaNoWriMo project, Chaotic Butterfly. While I recommend reading her excellent work, and the stories at the Ichiband Weekly community, for the full effect, what you need to know for these stories is that Pantheon is debuting in Japan at the same time a big Japanese entertainment company is debuting a fake band, in order to cover for the fact that the band they meant to debut in that timeslot have collectively been sent to rehab. The fake band is 5*STAR. There is also a two-man band of immense popularity, working for the same Japanese company, that goes by the name Akai Ito. Now onto the stories.

Making Diamonds
When Given Coal (4K, slash)
Jeongsook is informed their Japanese debut has been moved up.

Apply Extreme Pressure (7K, slash)
Jeongsook shares the good news.

A Hint of Shine (5K, slash)
Myungja finds a bright spot.

Marking the Cut (5.5K, slash)
Daewoong's adjusting.

Interlude: Now You're Speaking My Language (7K, slash)
Daewoong practices his Japanese.

Cleaving the Rough (5K, slash)
Myungja has a secret.

I Spiked the Eggnog With the Spirit of International Cooperation
The Semi-Parasitic Plant of Peace and Harmony Strikes Again (9K, hetslash)
Chinsung has a plan to make 5*STAR feel welcome. Featuring the fictional debut of SPARKLee and EDEN.

What's Japanese for 'This Can Only End in Tears?' (8K, slash)
Somebody's got to teach SPARKLee Japanese. Minhyun drew the short straw.

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