'Til I Know I'm Home
by Rana Eros

I took requests in my journal, and Cindelius requested: "JaeChun with OT5 undertones: 'But you have eyes that can see in another dimension/All the things that I've tried to hide.'" Eliza betaed. Title nabbed from Peter Gabriel.

Jaejoong doesn't make him talk, which could by why Yoochun finds himself rambling for hours, curled up in the car with Jaejoong as they wait for sunrise. Jaejoong rambles back, and Yoochun doesn't know if either of them make sense, but it doesn't matter. The important part of the conversation takes place in the depths of Jaejoong's eyes.

"Joongie-ah," Yoochun says, and Jaejoong stops talking, smiles. It's not like Junsu, bright as summer sun, but there's a glow to it, and Yoochun basks just the same. Jaejoong's eyes warm up, wide and dark, holding all Yoochun's secrets.

They're safe there.


Dong Bang Shin Ki
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