In Its Own Fashion
by Rana Eros

The first time I saw the character of Toshiki in GetBackers, I declared him Sanzo and Homura's lovechild. When I later took drabble requests in my LJ, Karot asked for one in which Toshiki and Sanzo interacted. He's not Sanzo's kid here, but they are related.

There's a blond in their way, looking dazed and human. Hakkai glances at Sanzo, who started scowling before the man even came into view, and is practically radiating, "Keep driving."

That would be too much blood to clean off Hakuryuu for one day, so Hakkai stops. This might be an ambush, but they can handle it in the usual way.

The blond eyes them warily, but doesn't attack. Instead, he calls out, "Are any of you Genjo Sanzo?"

That's not promising. Hakkai tenses, sees Sanzo's hand clench on his gun as he answers, "Who wants to know?"

The blond looks at Sanzo, blinks, frowns, and that's when Hakkai sees it. Behind him, he hears Gojyo whistle and Goku say, "Wow, Sanzo, he looks just like--"

Before Sanzo can bring the fan down, his near lookalike steps a little closer. The resemblance really is striking. "Our...aunt? Says hello."

Oh, dear.


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