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All the Colors (2K, threesome)
Fifth and last in the Get Away multi-fandom drabble series. Toshiki lives in the moment.

Applied Sciences and Fine Arts (9K, slash)
Ban and Ginji learn a few things about each other.

Been All Over (2K, slash)
Fourth in the Get Away multi-fandom drabble series. Ban dreams as big as his heart.

Cold Outside (22K, slash)
Their first winter together, Ginji proves himself useful when temperatures drop.

Facing You (3K, slash)
"Come like a river/filled with drowned men."

Fraternization (2K, slash)
Yukihiko considers life without Natsuhiko.

Farfegnugen (2K, slash)
Car and driver are one.

Filled With You (5K, slash)
"Nothing in this existence but that existence."

Fine Is a Four-Letter Word (17K, slash)
Ban gets by with a lot of help from his friends.

In Its Own Fashion (2.5K, gen)
Crossover with Saiyuki. A family reunion of sorts.

Kindly Stopped For Me (2K, slash)
Crossover with Yami no Matsuei. Kazuki's beautiful death.

Little Light of Love (2K, slash)
Ginji, asleep.

Love Comes to Rest (14K, threesome)
"How can this great love be inside me?"

Perfectly Aligned (15K, slash)
This is the life he most wants to protect.

Picture You By the Ocean (3.5K, slash)
"What's in your heart?"

Soothe the Savage (2K, gen)
A boy, a violin, and a lesson.

Stigmata (2K, slash)
Akabane the believer.

The Still Point of the Turning World (17.5K, threesome)
"At the still point, there the dance is."

Taking Her Measure (9.5K, gen)
The tensile strength of data, silk, and self.

Tried As An Adult (2.5K, slash)
Yamato doesn't treat Ban like a kid.

Two In the Bush (2K, slash)
Crossover with Wild Adapter. Ban spots some prospective clients.

Unbinding (2K, slash)
Kazuki's hair and Juubei's mistakes.

walked into my kiss as a stranger (5K, slash)
"it is so long since my heart has been with yours."

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