All the Colors
by Rana Eros

Fifth and last in a series of five drabbles inspired by Wrenlet's question on LJ, "What would constitute your favorite characters' perfect day?" All titles taken from U2's song, "Beautiful Day." All drabbles betaed by the utterly fabulous Eliza.

Toshiki's perfect day is training at Juubei's side under Kazuki's warm eyes and smile. It's patrolling Lower Town and encountering no challenges, no tragedies. It's seeing Ren smiling beside her grandfather, seeing Masaki content as he talks to Teshimine and keeps Kanou out of trouble, seeing peace he didn't know to dream of in past years.

People smile at him, knowing him to be one of Kazuki's, one of the rebuilders. Kazuki trusts him, Juubei relies on him, and their closed circuit has closed around him now. The day ends wrapped in their arms.

Toshiki's perfect day is this one.


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