love is an ocean: Main

i keep the faith in my fashion: Boondock Saints

surely to the sea: Cheon Sang Ji Hee

your singing eyes and fingers: Dong Bang Shin Ki

the storm to race: Fullmetal Alchemist

born in a summer storm: GetBackers

riddled like the tide: Harry Potter

born before the wind: Highlander

every road i walk: Miscellaneous

the bonny boat was won: Pirates of the Caribbean

the canvas can do miracles: Queer As Folk

younger than the sun: Saiyuki

home of the whale: seaQuest DSV

only a strange ship can fly: Smallville

a dream and the wind: Tactics

all colors bleed to red: Weiss Kreuz

if i'm damned or i'm saved: Wild Adapter

dark angels follow me: Yami no Matsuei

the deep end: Insanejournal

sail to me: Email the Author


Death Watch (2K, gen)
Crossover with Yami no Matsuei. Two deaths meet.

No Dominion (2K, slash)
Crossover with Weiss Kreuz. Schuldig's waited a long time for this.

Weapon of Choice (2K, gen)
Crossover with Saiyuki. Sanzo commissions Connor to find a long-lost antique.

Blood Less Cold
The Frost Was Cruel (3.5K, slash)
Crossover with The Good King. Kronos encounters a new Immortal.

Heat in the Sod (3K, slash)
Wenceslas learns the parameters of life as an Immortal.

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