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A Cracking Voice and a Song of Love (5K, slash)  
Fourth in the Some Blissful Dream multi-fandom series. Sirius gets drunk. Remus gets a souvenir.

Aglow With the Taste (4K, threesome)
Sequel to What This Life Is For. Eating olives in bed.

Beater (2.5K, threesome)
Ron is the heart.

Black Is the Colour (2.5K, slash)
Fire eats up even the memory of happiness.

Close (1.5K, slash)
But no cigar.

Keeping Secrets (2.5K, slash)
Sirius knows the part of Remus that does not hide.

Left (2K, slash)
Harry and Remus are all that's left.

Pour Some Sugar on Me (2K, slash)
Remus, Sirius, and sugar quills.

Serpent's Kiss (2K, het)
Written for the Remus Remix. Another member of the Black family takes an interest in Remus.

Weasley Is Our (Pirate) King (2K, gen)
Ron becomes an Animagus.

What Rough Beast (Burning Bright Remix) (13.5K, gen)
Written for the Remus Remix. Lily understands better than Remus knows.

What This Life Is For (6K, threesome)
Third in the Some Blissful Dream multi-fandom series. Harry's place is still with Ron and Hermione.

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