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All of Them Mostly True, In a Manner of Speaking (3K, threesome)
One of the many adventures of Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

All of Them True (4K, het, threesome)
How the tale goes.

A Ghostly Galleon (2.5K, threesome)
Beware of Bloody Bess, the Pirate King.

Homecoming (Down to the Sea Extended Trance Mix) (13K, het, threesome implied)
He has the blood, but she is the one with a pirate's heart.

A Kiss for Remembrance (3.5K, slash)
Jack, Will, and lost treasures.

Really Bad Eggs (3K, gen)
Crossover with Saiyuki. Captain Jack Sparrow hitchhikes, and ends up regretting it.

Treasure Not Gold (2K, het)
She protects what's hers as best she can.

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