Lend A Hand
by Rana Eros

Third in a series of five drabbles inspired by Wrenlet's question on LJ, "What would constitute your favorite characters' perfect day?" All titles taken from U2's song, "Beautiful Day." All drabbles betaed by the utterly fabulous Eliza.

Sanzo's idea of a perfect day is reading his newspaper in peace. Reading and drinking tea, which only Hakkai makes right, so Hakkai can be there. Smoking in peace too. It'd be convenient not to have to pause for a light. Gojyo's there, keeping his mouth shut.

Newspaper, tea, cigarettes, in his room at the temple, window open to the peach tree. Good peaches, but hard to get without climbing; it wouldn't be a perfect day if Goku got in trouble, so stick Goku in the tree. Being quiet and picking peaches on demand.

Mostly quiet. He's a noisy eater.


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