by Rana Eros

Written to a prompt by Treneka, in order to debut a Livejournal icon. Eliza and Rune betaed, and Eliza suggested the title.

Juubei was born to one purpose, and he has failed, is failing, will fail. Kazuki binds his long hair with bandages, in case they are needed.

They are always needed.

The Lightning Emperor and his Four Kings fight intruders, and they win, but they don't all have the ability to heal themselves. Kazuki is one such.

"It's fortunate I brought my own doctor with me, eh, Juubei?" Kazuki asks lightly.

Juubei says nothing. He unwinds one long white strip from around Kazuki's dark hair, winds it again around Kazuki's pale, bloodied arm.

Wonders how long before his failure is complete.


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