Weapon of Choice
by Rana Eros

Rhi, who writes the best Connor MacLeod in the business, requested a piece featuring Connor, Sanzo, and "edges" or "metal." This one ended up as a double drabble, because these are two of my favorite characters ever.

MacLeod's waiting for him when he steps inside the shop. MacLeod's assistant stands with a well-dressed couple discussing a manuscript, but the place is empty otherwise. Good.

"You have something for me," he says without preamble, and it's a thing he likes about MacLeod that the man never wastes his time with small talk. MacLeod gestures him toward the backroom, closes the door behind them, unlocks a cabinet and pulls out a case. He unlocks that too, then turns it around and pushes it forward.

For a moment, Sanzo can only stare. Then he lifts the gun, and the heft of it in his hand is like holding up the world.

MacLeod watches him with sharp eyes. "It's quite a piece, but it won't do any good against one of us."

"Ch." Sanzo doesn't bother to say it's not for their kind.

MacLeod already knows he plays a different Game.


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