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i keep the faith in my fashion: Boondock Saints

surely to the sea: Cheon Sang Ji Hee

your singing eyes and fingers: Dong Bang Shin Ki

the storm to race: Fullmetal Alchemist

born in a summer storm: GetBackers

riddled like the tide: Harry Potter

born before the wind: Highlander

every road i walk: Miscellaneous

the bonny boat was won: Pirates of the Caribbean

the canvas can do miracles: Queer As Folk

younger than the sun: Saiyuki

home of the whale: seaQuest DSV

only a strange ship can fly: Smallville

a dream and the wind: Tactics

all colors bleed to red: Weiss Kreuz

if i'm damned or i'm saved: Wild Adapter

dark angels follow me: Yami no Matsuei

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Calendar Girl (2K, gen)
She is how he tracks the seasons.

Cast of Thousands (2K, gen)
It's crowded in Schuldig's head.

Catch My Breath (5K, slash)
Yohji gets a hand-me-down.

Deadly Handsome (2K, hetslash)
Schuldig's better at mind games than anyone knows.

The Dragonfly Effect (2K, gen)
Aya comes full circle.

Dream a Little Dream (3.5K, het)
Aya's first kiss.

Feel the Way I Do (2K, slash)
Yohji only wants to touch.

Game Season (2K, gen)
There's always practice.

Hold Me Fast (2K, slash)
Schuldig can be what Aya needs. Whatever he needs.

Ikebana (2K, gen)
Momoe is a master of the traditional art.

In His Sights (2K, slash)
Aya's eyes are deadly as the rest of him.

In the Dark (3.5K, slash)
Crawford's a man of diverse tastes.

Job Security (2K, gen)
After Takatori's death, Aya keeps busy.

Journey to the Black (2K, gen)
Fusion with Saiyuki. If Schwarz were the Sanzo-ikkou....

Looks Could Kill (2K, slash)
Crossover with Yami no Matsuei. Death catches up with Muraki-sensei.

Lost in Here: A Fairy Tale About Slavery (16K, threesome)
"When did you first realize that you'll never be free?"

Lovely Daughter (2K, hetslash)
Ouka's mother had a plan.

Memento Mori (2K, gen)
Some things were not meant to be unpaired.

No Dominion (2K, slash)
Crossover with Highlander. Schuldig's waited a long time for this.

Not Easy Being (2K, gen)
Yohji shares a moment with a special someone.

The Rest (2K, slash)
Aya, Ken, and loss.

The Rub (2K, slash)
The dreams that come with little death.

Secret Family Recipe (2K, gen)
Omi, Ouka's mother, and cooking.

Serve Two Masters (2K, slash)
Schuldig and Crawford are...proprietary.

Sister Awake (2K, gen)
Aya takes care of her brother.

Sleep to Dream (3K, slash)
Schuldig and Aya in the dreamscape.

The Stolen Child (2K, gen)
A fairy tale about Takatori Mamoru.

Venus in Buckles (2K, slash)
Aya's a walking kink, at least according to Yohji.

Waking the Living (2K, het)
Sakura mourns.

Wee Small Hours of the Morning (2K, slash)
Schuldig visits Aya.

What the Left Hand Is Doing (2K, gen)
Crossover with Fullmetal Alchemist. Scar becomes prey.

White on White (2K, gen)
Aya goes shopping.

Working Conditions (2K, gen)
Believe it or not, Omi used to have worse.

Falling in the Garden
In the Garden of Morpheus (14K, slash) 
Aya dreams of flowers. So to speak.

Say It With Flowers (2K, slash)
Aya receives a souvenir.

In the Blood
Hit the Vein (2K, slash)
Ken's got an addiction.

Taste For This by Rune (2K, slash)
Aya shares the addiction.

Rips Wide Open (2K, slash)
Schuldig knows a secret.

Yami no Schwarz
Alles Matsuei (2K, slash)
Fusionfic with Yami no Matsuei. A slightly different Schwarz.

Teamwork (2K, slash)
Tatsumi has his task.

The Unusual Suspects (2K, slash)
How it began.

Puppy Love (2K, slash)
Tsuzuki has his say.

Ties That Twist (2K, slash)
Hisoka proposes a bargain.

Savage Gods (2K, slash)
One step closer to the goal.

The Heart That Beats (5K, slash)
"You'll always be faithfully dangerous, lost and lovely."

Inheritance (2K, gen)
Tsuzuki meets his father.

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