Dream a Little Dream
by Rana Eros

Another one for Wishes for Kisses Mini-Fanworks Challenge. Eliza requested Schuldig/anyone. It's always dangerous to leave it open like that. The title's from the obvious place.

Aya has never been kissed. That must be why she dreams up the man and the moonlit garden; she's not sure why the man is a foreigner with hair a more garish red than Ran's, but he's very handsome, and maybe she just wanted something as far from the boys at school as possible. Now she just hopes Ran won't wake her up before he kisses her. She's been sleeping an awfully long time.

She hopes it's a weekend, and Ran's at work already. Mom and Dad like to let her sleep in. The garden she's dreamed is beautiful, and she'd like to linger here a while with her dreamed-up suitor.

He smiles as if he knows what she's thinking, or maybe he's thinking the same thing. With a flourish, he presents a perfect red rose. Eagerly, she takes it. Too eagerly; a thorn rakes across his finger, drawing a bead of blood.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" She drops the rose to her lap in order to take his hand in both of hers, examining the small wound. She reaches up to unknot the silk scarf she's dreamed around her own neck, but his voice stops her, surprisingly unaccented.

"Aren't you going to kiss it better?"

She blinks up at him, shocked, and his smile changes.

"Aya," he purrs, but his pale eyes are distant.

Feeling very grown up for recognizing that look, even in a dream, she says gravely, "That's not the name you mean."

Now he's truly looking at her. His hand twists in hers, the other one coming up until he's the one holding onto her. "Oh, yes it is."

He leans down, his head blocking out the full, low moon. And she's not afraid, but just before his mouth touches hers, she thinks, Ran, wake me up.


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