The Rest
by Rana Eros

Pasdoll requested, "Aya: The mornings were strangely quiet." And I am an evil, evil woman, because I put this in the Weiss Side B continuity, with which not even half of you are going to be familiar. In brief, after the mess of Gluhen, Aya and Ken are now members of another florist assassin organization working for a rich megalomaniac. This particular team and its founder reside in London. Title stolen, once again, from Shakespeare.

When Omi was in school, Aya and Ken were always the ones to open the shop. Yohji refused to get out of bed that early, and all Aya's glaring and Ken's sharp comments had no effect. So they took the morning shift, and Aya would water the plants while Ken filled the silence with stories, jokes, off-key singing.

That was Tokyo; this is London. Chloe sleeps, Michel and Yuki attend school, and Free moves as silently as Aya. Ken mutters the English names of flowers to himself, doesn't say much otherwise.

Aya always wanted quiet. Now it's just another loss.


Weiss Kreuz
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