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i keep the faith in my fashion: Boondock Saints

surely to the sea: Cheon Sang Ji Hee

your singing eyes and fingers: Dong Bang Shin Ki

the storm to race: Fullmetal Alchemist

born in a summer storm: GetBackers

riddled like the tide: Harry Potter

born before the wind: Highlander

every road i walk: Miscellaneous

the bonny boat was won: Pirates of the Caribbean

the canvas can do miracles: Queer As Folk

younger than the sun: Saiyuki

home of the whale: seaQuest DSV

only a strange ship can fly: Smallville

a dream and the wind: Tactics

all colors bleed to red: Weiss Kreuz

if i'm damned or i'm saved: Wild Adapter

dark angels follow me: Yami no Matsuei

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And the Beast (2K, slash)
Hisoka meets his partner. AU.

Axiomatic (2K, hetslash)
Love takes many forms.

The Babe With the Power (2K, slash)
Hisoka doesn't need saving.

Breakthrough (2K, slash)
Muraki takes Oriya's calm as a challenge.

Broken Balance (2K, slash)
Tsuzuki demands a reckoning.

Children's Crusade (2K, gen)
Konoe is surrounded by those who died young.

Choosing Sides (2K, slash)
They both have a say.

A Cold and Broken Hallelujah (11K, slash) 
It ends this way.

Conduit (2K, het)
The metaphoric power of baked goods.

Connoisseur (2K, slash)
Oriya's guests have different tastes.

Couture (3K, slash)
Set in Phoebe Zeitgeist's Four of Swords universe. Yuma and Saya react to the changes in Hisoka.

Dark Mirror (2K, slash)
Tsuzuki's newest partner is very like an old one. AU.

Death Watch (2K, gen)
Crossover with Highlander. Two deaths meet.

Desire Arrives (11K, slash)
"It comes from where your longing comes."

Determines Meaning (2K, slash)
Empathy and its limitations.

Discriminating Palate (2K, slash)
Sweets for the sweet.

The Eternal Question (2K, gen)
Tsuzuki still hasn't found the answer.

Fear Less (2K, slash)
Hisoka is not afraid of the expected.

Heatsink (2K, slash)
Some situations call for subterfuge.

Heart Abloom (2K, threesome)
First in the Get Away multi-fandom drabble series. Tsuzuki knows just what he wants.

Hea(r)t Rises (3K, slash)
Hisoka and Tsuzuki take a bath.

Hungry Ghost (2K, slash)
Muraki meets another child beneath the sakura.

I Can Lead You (2K, slash)
"There is danger in the woods, dear."

In His Element (2K, slash)
A man for one season.

Just Stay Cool (2K, slash)
Hisoka's feeling the heat.

Karmic Ocean Dried Up (8K, slash) 
Last in the Some Blissful Dream multi-fandom series. Death takes a holiday.

Kindly Stopped For Me (2K, slash)
Crossover with GetBackers. Kazuki's beautiful death.

Knave of Hearts (2K, het)
Tsubaki pays Muraki what she owes.

Leaving Me in Silence (4K, slash)
For Tatsumi, love is hell.

Like Somebody's Watching (3K, slash)
Oriya's curious about the abilities of Shinigami.

Literate Heart (3.5K, slash)
The way Hisoka loves.

Little Death (3.5K, slash)
Hisoka and an admirer.

Live Steel (2K, slash)
It's a different kind of battle.

Looks Could Kill (2K, slash)
Crossover with Weiss Kreuz. Death catches up with Muraki-sensei.

Lost Communication (Stop Motion Percussive Instrumental) (13K, slash)
He's been waiting all this time.

Love Song (2K, slash)
One of Hisoka's coping mechanisms.

Melts in Your Hands (9K, slash)
Watari's not the only one experimenting.

The Mirror Has No Faces (2K, slash)
A glimpse behind Hakushaku's mask.

The More Things Change (2K, slash)
Fusion with Saiyuki. It's the Shinigami's turn in the Jeep.

My Heart a Hunter (23K, slash) 
"Firecracker, lightning seed. It was always in me."

The Nightingale (2.5K, slash)
Of courtship and fairy tales.

Not For Burning (2K, slash)
Oriya writes a letter.

Nor Darkness to Purify (4K, gen)
"Descend lower, descend only Into the world of perpetual solitude...."

One Who Truly Loves (2K, slash)
Muraki leaves Tsuzuki a gift.

Overture (2K, slash)
Music follows the master of the Ko Kaku Rou.

An Overwhelming Question (Wind of Human Voices Acoustic Mix) (11K, slash)
Tsuzuki remembers the question, but not the context.

Pandora's Box (2K, gen)
Open wide and dive deep.

Permissible Trespasses (2K, slash)
Oriya is an honorable man. Hisoka respects that.

Proof Of (2K, slash)
There are different ways of preserving the moment.

The Persistence of Memory (2K, slash)
Nagare knew his son was doomed.

The Red Thread (2K, slash)
Hisoka's scars represent many things.

rendering death and forever (5K, slash)
"nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals the power of your intense fragility."

Requiescat (2K, gen)
The wreckage of the Queen Camellia.

Restless Soul (2K, gen)
Crossover with The X-Files. Meifu contracts a free agent.

Rites of Spring (2K, slash)
It's always spring in Meifu. That's not necessarily a good thing.

Seiichirou's Sense of Snow (2K, slash)
Tatsumi remembers his favorite season.

Serve to Cover (3K, slash)
"That undressing, and the naked body underneath, is the sweetness...."

Shinigami in the Machine (2K, slash)
Meifu gets its mainframe.

Smile When the Pain Comes (2K, slash)
Muraki meets Hisoka under different circumstances. AU.

Sobering (2K, slash)
Hisoka has no tolerance for alcohol.

Soft the Snow Comes (2.5K, slash)
“Oh, something has struck my heart!”

Soul Food (5K, slash)
Tsuzuki can't live on sweets alone.

This water dropping (2K, slash)
"My thought stretches like a bridge...."

Treat Him Right (6K, slash)
Tatsumi's behavior changes. Hisoka adjusts.

Turn Me In Your Arms (13K, slash)
"Then cover me wi your green mantle."

Two Dishes, But to One Table (Hungry Ghost Overdub) (13K, gen)
His fate is in the cards, one way or another.

Vicious Cycle (2K, gen)
Some things death doesn't change.

Wasted (2K, gen)
Hijiri wants to see Hisoka one last time.

What Ails Ye (2K, gen)
"It's got to hurt if it's going to heal."

What Lingers (2K, slash)
Oriya does a favor for Muraki, and his life changes.

What You Pay For (2K, gen)
Crossover with Fullmetal Alchemist. Past actions catch up with the Elrics.

Who Watches the Watcher (2K, slash)
Tatsumi is observant.

Zen and the Art of Connection (5K, slash)
Terazuma, Hisoka, and straight shooting.

Death Becomes Him
Move Right Through Me (5K, slash)
Oriya gains an obsession of his own.

A Little Earth (2K, slash)
Oriya takes up gardening.

Hair's Breadth (8K, slash)
Empathy is good for some things. Training is better for others.

Ghost In Me (3K, slash)
They haunt themselves.

Red Tape
Killing the Buddhist (2K, slash)
Crossover with Saiyuki. In between lives, the Sanzo-ikkou lend assistance to the Shokan Division.

Karma's Bitch (2K, slash)
Kanzeon alerts Tatsumi to Sanzo's previous work experience. 

Tea for Three (2K, slash)
The ikkou are integrating into life in Meifu.

Fear to Tread (3.5K, slash)
Gojyo decides to be helpful.

Tangled Embrace  
In Your Arms, This Lonely Place (15K, slash)
Need casts its own shadow.

All Is You and Here (27K, slash)
Adding what was missing.

Yami no Schwarz
Alles Matsuei (2K, slash)
Fusionfic with Weiss Kreuz. A slightly different Schwarz.

Teamwork (2K, slash)
Tatsumi has his task.

The Unusual Suspects (2K, slash)
How it began.

Puppy Love (2K, slash)
Tsuzuki has his say.

Ties That Twist (2K, slash)
Hisoka proposes a bargain.

Savage Gods (2K, slash)
One step closer to the goal.

The Heart That Beats (5K, slash)
"You'll always be faithfully dangerous, lost and lovely."

Inheritance (2K, gen)
Tsuzuki meets his father.

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