Heart Abloom
by Rana Eros

First in a series of five drabbles inspired by Wrenlet's question on LJ, "What would constitute your favorite characters' perfect day?" All titles taken from U2's song, "Beautiful Day." All drabbles betaed by the utterly fabulous Eliza.

Tsuzuki's perfect day is a day he doesn't have to take anybody's life. He'll drag Hisoka from cafe to cafe so he can try all the pastries, with detours into bookshops when something catches Hisoka's eye.

Tatsumi won't yell at him, just smile. In fact, Tatsumi comes along, so he can talk to Hisoka about the books while Tsuzuki's eating. They'll go to a park, Tatsumi will sit against a tree, Hisoka will sit against Tatsumi, and Tsuzuki will put his head in Hisoka's lap. Perfect.

Neither Tatsumi nor Hisoka will admit it, but it sounds perfect to them too.


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