Determines Meaning
by Rana Eros

When I asked for drabble requests in my LJ, Spren gave me the following lyrics for either Hisoka or Ban: "Save me from the ranks of the freaks who suspect they can never love anyone." - Aimee Mann, "Save Me." Hisoka responded.

Reflected affection was the closest Hisoka thought he'd ever come to love. He felt the emotion in the presence of those who felt it, but it drained away in solitude. He didn't mind; absences were how he defined himself, the quiet of his own mind, his heart.

Except Tsuzuki disrupted that quiet, even before Muraki tore through it, and Tsuzuki wouldn't leave. Hisoka hung bleeding in an abandoned house, miles away, surely, from where Tsuzuki was, and Tsuzuki wouldn't leave. The affection wouldn't.

Then Tsuzuki found him, Tsuzuki's affection touched him, and he felt the difference. Let it define him.


Yami no Matsuei
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