Knave of Hearts
by Rana Eros

This one was written for the "minor characters" challenge at fuda_100. Betaed by Eliza.

At night, the full moon calls to him. Hisoka slips from his ageless bed, dresses in the dark, walks out to where the sakura flowers ceaselessly. There's a sliver of moon waiting there for him, jagged-edged.

"They say the moon drowned once," Muraki murmurs, face upturned beneath it, both white as something long dead. Hisoka says nothing, and Muraki lowers his head with a smile. "Will it be drowning tonight, I wonder?"

He walks off among the trees. Hisoka follows, dropping neither stones nor breadcrumbs, leaving no trail forward or back.

This far into the wood, there's no way out.


Yami no Matsuei
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