Literate Heart
by Rana Eros

Brigdh requested Tsuzuki/Hisoka for the Wishes for Kisses Mini-Fanworks Challenge. Eliza betaed the result.

Kissing, Hisoka has learned, is often regarded as a kind of melding of souls, another kind of sex. Hisoka has had sex, and he has melded with Tsuzuki. They were two of the most painful experiences of his existence.

Kissing Tsuzuki is nothing like either of them. Hisoka feels Tsuzuki, but he can tell where Tsuzuki ends and he begins. Tsuzuki's affection is strong and it surrounds him, enfolds him, but he's still himself within it, separate and whole, uninvaded. Tsuzuki's mouth is warm against his, sweet of course, and very soft. Still, he knows it is Tsuzuki's mouth, and he can tell the difference between it and his own. He doesn't have to struggle to hold onto himself, like he did when Muraki forced him, and he doesn't have to struggle to let himself be subsumed, like he did when taking on Tsuzuki's power. He doesn't have to struggle at all, just taste and feel and consider that, no, this is not souls melding, and it's not like sex.

This is Tsuzuki beside him in yet another way, and he likes it.

He tilts his head, just a little, testing the alignment between his lips and Tsuzuki's. The new angle is more comfortable, and allows him to open his mouth and better taste what isn't him. Tsuzuki makes a soft pleased sound; Hisoka can taste that too. Tsuzuki's surprised he hasn't pulled away, which is very silly. Hisoka can lose himself in the pleasure of a good book until he's reached the end, and really, that's what kissing is like. It's akin to reading curled up in a warm, comfortable spot, with a fresh pot of green tea close by and the smell of autumn in the air.

Hisoka settles in; he'll keep going until he reaches the end.


Yami no Matsuei
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