Nobody's Baby
by Rana Eros

I took drabble requests. Mousapelli wanted: "DBSK! One or more of the other members noticing suddenly that Changmin is all grown up."

Jaejoong's noticed how hot Changmin is before this; it's just that he's felt he shouldn't, which is pretty ridiculous, given that Changmin is older than he was when they debuted, Korea's new heart throbs. And the age gap isn't that great; it's just the way everybody emphasizes it.

Now, though, now Changmin's flirting with an entire city on camera, and Jaejoong would really like to see anyone try to stuff him back into the "baby" mold after this. Which is probably tempting fate, but at least Jaejoong himself won't fall for it again.

He's too busy falling for the adult.


Dong Bang Shin Ki
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