Now You're Speaking My Language
by Rana Eros

After "Marking the Cut," people said they wanted Daewoong to convince Jeongsook they could practice Japanese and make out. Daewoong thought this a brilliant idea. Betaed by Eliza.

Jeongsook listens to his iPod during the ride to their Tokyo apartment, closing his eyes as much to block out Daewoong's pout as to concentrate on the Japanese he's learning. He knows exactly what that expression is for. He's disappointed himself, but they have an interview tomorrow, and unlike some people, he can't get by on smiles and nods.

He immediately feels bad for even thinking that. He slips his arm around Daewoong's shoulders in silent apology, though Daewoong won't know that's the purpose of the gesture. Dae leans into the embrace, and Jeongsook's sorry to miss the little hum of satisfaction that usually accompanies that action, but the more poised and confident he is tomorrow, the less likely the interviewer will imply anything about the intelligence of the band members not conversing in Japanese. They don't know what a bad idea that is over here yet.

He feels the van stop, opens his eyes and pauses his iPod, popping out his earbuds so he can hear any last intructions manager-sshi wants to give them before they head inside. Their manager only asks what kind of takeout they want, though, and admonishes them all to study while he makes a dinner run.

Jeongsook heads into the room he and Daewoong are sharing, and drops down diagonally across the bed he's claimed as his own, closing his eyes for just a moment. His heart rate's returned to normal since manager-sshi's little announcement in the van, and now he can feel how the panic over the interview's only added to his fatigue, after a full day of shooting before a live studio audience in an unfamiliar language. He may end up testing out learning by osmosis, at this rate, the Japanese coming through his ear buds and infiltrating his sleeping mind. He's heard dreaming in a language is a good sign.

The mattress dips beside him, and another body aligns itself with his, hair pleasantly silky from minimal product tickling his bent arm as Daewoong leans over him.

"Hey, Jeongsookie," Daewoong says into his ear, his voice husky from singing and cheering for so much of the day, "wanna practice Japanese with me?"

"Sure," Jeongsook says, turning his head and opening his eyes to smile up at Daewoong. "Did you borrow one of Minhyun's exercise books?"

Daewoong returns the smile and places his hand on Jeongsook's stomach. "I was thinking of something more interactive."

"Daewoong...," Jeongsook starts, thinking of just how few hours there are between now and tomorrow's interview. And their manager's going to be coming back with their food in a minute, and lunch was a long time ago.

"Dae-kun," Daewoong says, shaking his head.

Jeongsook blinks and says, "What?"

"Use the Japanese," Daewoong says slowly, his accent not half-bad, "and say Dae-kun."

"Why Dae-kun?"

Daewoong's smile turns sleepy and satisfied, and he does that slow blink thing that tends to turn Jeongsook's brain to mush. "It's what Ryu-chan called me?"


"5*STAR." Daewoong abandons Japanese long enough to clarify. "The really adorable one who can do that hip thing like Jaja."

"Oh." Jeongsook's not sure how he feels about Daewoong on a first name basis with one of their rivals, but manager-sshi <em>did</em> want them to get along, and the kid really was adorable. Maybe he'd consider giving Minhyun lessons. Not on the hip thing, though. Minhyun seems to be doing fine with that one on his own.

"Well?" Daewoong asks, in Japanese again and a little impatient.

Jeongsook figures he might as well take advantage of Daewoong's rare mood to practice. Among other things. He shifts his arm so he can cup the back of Daewoong's head, pulls Daewoong down into a kiss, and says against his mouth, "Dae-kun."

Daewoong makes a little sound and flexes against Jeongsook's hip, sliding his hand under the untucked hem of Jeongsook's shirt. Jeongsook can't help asking, in Japanese, "You really like that?"

Daewoong pulls back far enough to consider him through heavy-lidded eyes, then bends close again and whispers into his ear, "Jeongie-kun."

It's like a finger down his spine, and he shivers. "Oh. Oh, wow."


"Manager's just brought by the food," Minhyun calls outside their door. Lucky for them, he's more interested in getting his share than making sure they heard him, so he doesn't try the door.

"Think we should lock it?" Jeongsook asks, though he's not inclined to get up and he's even less inclined to let go of Daewoong. Chinsung will make sure there are leftovers for them, by nefarious means if necessary.

Daewoong just smiles against his ear and says, in careful Japanese, "If they want to come in, they can practice too."


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