No Destination
by Rana Eros

Second in a series of five drabbles inspired by Wrenlet's question on LJ, "What would constitute your favorite characters' perfect day?" All titles taken from U2's song, "Beautiful Day." All drabbles betaed by the utterly fabulous Eliza.

They've said it in interviews, and they mean it every time. A vacation, just the five of them; no photographers, no reporters, no choreographers or studio techs or managers or makeup artists. Nobody measuring them for wardrobe or messing with their hair. No voice coaches or language tutors. They won't have to talk at all, except in their secret language of smiles and brow tilts and touches.

They won't have to move in concert except to please themselves.

Most plans get more elaborate over time, but this one stays very simple. A vacation somewhere, anywhere. Just the five of them.


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