Kindly Stopped For Me
by Rana Eros

Despite my usual MO, I hadn't planned on writing deathfic for GetBackers. The characters apparently had other plans. This is another one written to request. Alee asked for Kazuki, Hisoka, and the consideration of life.

Kazuki knows death can be beautiful, but he never expected anything like the man and boy moving toward him in the twilight.

"I can't leave," he says when they're close, though he knows it's useless. He's already held on too long, for them to come.

"I'm sorry," the man says. Kazuki believes he truly is. The boy says nothing; it's in his eyes.

"Let me say goodbye."

"They already know." The boy's voice is low, bleak. "They've been waiting."

"Nonetheless, I owe them."

"It will only hurt worse."

"Please," he whispers.

The boy shakes his head, but still they wait.


Yami no Matsuei
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