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the storm to race: Fullmetal Alchemist

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riddled like the tide: Harry Potter

born before the wind: Highlander

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the bonny boat was won: Pirates of the Caribbean

the canvas can do miracles: Queer As Folk

younger than the sun: Saiyuki

home of the whale: seaQuest DSV

only a strange ship can fly: Smallville

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all colors bleed to red: Weiss Kreuz

if i'm damned or i'm saved: Wild Adapter

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And Curse the Living Flesh (32K, slash)
An AU based on the episode "Lostland."

Came Sickened to Your Shores (9K, slash)
First in the Some Blissful Dream multi-fandom series. Lucas needs a good friend and a little love. Ben is more than happy to provide both.

Deep As You Go (4K, gen)
It's Lucas' turn to dream.

Every Time I Look at You (Through the Looking Glass Remix) (40K, slash)
The transmigration of madness.

Fluency (2K, slash)
Miguel likes the way Lucas speaks Spanish.

Gather Near to Us (18K, gen)
"Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more." A missing scene from a missing episode, set between seasons one and two.

Tonight Let's Be Lovers (39K, slash)
Lucas may be a genius, but there are still some things Tony can teach him.

Undertow (18K, slash)
The pain of the middle ground.

When Evolution Attacks (3K, gen)
There's an elf aboard the seaQuest.

Wicked Game (73K, slash)
In an AU set just before second season, Ben Krieg meets a familiar stranger at a Miami nightclub.

Wild and Sweet (13K, slash)
Miguel, Lucas, shoreleave, dancing, and rain. Cuban flavored porn, baby.

Worth the Admission (20K, slash)
After "Higher Power," Lucas takes a risk.

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